Euromillions to create 100 Olympic millionaires

The Euromillions Lottery is in the record books for several records and is about to add one more as it promises to create 100 millionaires in a single evening. Camelot have been a huge driving force in the fundraising for the 2012 Olympics, and the lottery and the Olympics have become inextricably linked, so it seems only right that during the Olympic Opening Ceremony, the UK arm of the Euromillions breaks a record of its own, creating 100 Euromillions millionaires in a single evening.

The 100 Olympic millionaires will come from the Millionaire Raffle part of the Euromillions and so will be available to UK players only. That’s 100 UK millionaires, and the main draw prizes in a single evening, making it the biggest lottery news of the year.


The Mega McMillionaire who just won’t share

If there was ever a sorry tale that demonstrated the need for properly arranged lottery syndicates or pools then it’s the story currently emerging of one of the winners of the world record Mega Millions jackpot won last Friday night. As the world is now aware, the jackpot was shared three ways and one of those winners was from the Maryland area, but now it’s transpired that while she is claiming as a single winner, her colleagues say they were all in a lottery pool together.

A group of co-workers from a McDonald’s store in Maryland is currently up in arms after all placing $5 on a Mega Millions pool for the big draw last Friday, as now, the syndicate leader has won the jackpot and claimed it wasn’t a pool ticket that won, but one she had purchased individually.


Three players share world’s biggest lottery jackpot

We finally have confirmation from Mega Millions officials on last night’s $640 million world record lottery draw. With 1.5 billion tickets to be checked, it was always going to be a long process but news in is that three players have shared the world’s biggest lottery jackpot!

The lucky Mega Millions players hail from Illinois, Kansas and Maryland and will share the biggest ever lottery jackpot in the history of the world!


Mega Millions results, Friday 30th March

It was an unprecedented situation; a world lottery record. Last night a Mega Millions jackpot worth a staggering $640 million went up for grabs and lottery fever swept the world. Ticket sales in the US and around the world went through the roof for the draw yesterday, causing the jackpot to be re-estimated several times, but did anyone win that jackpot?

The Mega Millions draw went off without a hitch and the winning numbers drawn were 2 – 4 – 23 – 38 – 46; Mega Ball 23.


Mega Millions jackpot hiked to $640 million

It’s quite astounding and unprecedented around the world so when this Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot hit half a billion dollars, no one could quite believe it. However, with just a few hours until the draw, and overseas ticket sales now closed, the Mega Millions jackpot has been hiked again, to $640 million!

It’s an unbelievable amount of money and is around 80% higher than the current record of $390 million set in 2007. This Mega Millions jackpot is the biggest jackpot ever to go up for grabs, anywhere in the world. The world’s biggest lottery jackpot on record and the winner, if there is one, will make lottery history!