Canada Lotto Max at Maxmillions yet again

It’s been a week for big lottery jackpot wins, and several of the world’s biggest jackpots have been scooped again, but one lottery draw is bucking the trend, and has a big rollover jackpot up for grabs next week. The Lotto Max in Canada rolled again last night, taking the lottery to Maxmillions for the next draw.

The Lotto Max Canada is capped at $50 million, which means this is the biggest jackpot that can be won. However, the money isn’t lost, once the jackpot gets to this stage, Maxmillions kicks in, providing another $1 million lottery jackpot for every $1 million over $50 million the jackpot climbs.


One player scoops the $50 million Lotto Max jackpot

Lotto ballsIn Canada, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Lotto Max, at Maxmillions stage for the last draw with $100 million jackpot pool on offer. The pool was split into a $50 million jackpot and 50 Maxmillions draws, and the news is that one player has scooped the $50 million and there were plenty of $1 million winners too!

The Lotto Max jackpot has finally been won, and just one player walks away with the top prize for matching all the winning numbers. The main Lotto Max draw numbers were 14 – 26 – 31 – 34 – 37 – 45 – 48; Bonus Ball 38.


Record jackpot pool for the Lotto Max Canada

Since the Lotto Max Canada launched it’s been at Maxmillions stage more times than can be counted. However, with another Friday night with no winner, there’s a record jackpot pool for the Lotto Max Canada next week, totalling $100 million.

That means lottery players in Canada have fifty chances to become a millionaire, as 50 sets of Maxmillions numbers will be drawn in addition to the main $50 million Lotto Max draw.


Lotto Max and Lotto 6-49 roll again in Canada

What an exciting weekend it was for Canadian Lottery players, as both the Lotto Max and Lotto 6-49 boasted huge rollovers. The Lotto Max was at Maxmillions stage, with a $70 million jackpot pool, and the Lotto 6-49 had rolled to $29 million. However, despite bumper ticket sales the Lotto Max and Lotto 6-49 rolled again, and that means lottery frenzy this week with endless chances to win!

Despite the big rollovers, there were lots of winners in the Lotto Max, Maxmillions and Lotto 6-49 so let’s see exactly who won what in Canada this weekend.


$90 million in lottery jackpots has Canada excited

Last weekend we brought you the news that the Lotto Max jackpot had rolled to Maxmillions in Friday’s draw, but now news has reached us that the midweek Lotto 6-49 has also rolled again, and that means $90 million in lottery jackpots this weekend in Canada.

It’s little wonder that Canadian lottery players are in a state of frenzy, ticket sales have been through the roof for both the Lotto Max and the Lotto 6-49 and hopefully we’ll see some big winners this weekend.