Homeless man wins lottery but doesn’t want home

US LotteryA vagrant from Indiana has scooped $50,000 on a lottery scratch card but says he has no intention of giving up his tent. Dennis Mahurin has been homeless since around 1978, living in his tent, now he has scooped a $50,000 scratch card win, worth around $35,000 after taxes. He says he’ll buy a new home, his tent is shabby and he wants to replace it, but he has no intention of changing his life for a more conventional one.

Mr Mahurin says he’s ‘as happy as he can be in his nature’ and has no intention of moving up in the world, he’s quite happy living in his tent, even with $35,000 in his pocket.


Two players share the UK Lotto rollover

Rollovers aren’t that common on the National Lottery so the news that we have had three Wednesday rollovers in a row is a little surprising. However, that is how it has all worked out and last night’s jackpot reached a massive £7.1 million, exceeding estimate and the news in is that two players share the UK Lotto jackpot!

Each of the winning UK Lotto jackpot winners will collect a very generous £3.5 million and they weren’t the only big winners in the draw that saw over £15 million paid out in prizes.


Powerball Lottery results, Wednesday 28th November

It was big news from the Powerball Lottery last night, the biggest ever jackpot for the draw, estimated at $550 million. That’s over half a billion dollars, and understandably, ticket sales were through the roof but has anyone won that Powerball jackpot?

Well, in the event, the jackpot came in at $587 million and the winning numbers are 5 – 16 – 22 – 23 – 29; Powerball 6 and we can confirm that two tickets matched all the winning numbers, sharing this monster jackpot!


One player from France scoops €169 million Euromillions jackpot

With a dozen rollovers, last night’s Euromillions jackot had the attention of the world, with a jackpot estimated at a staggering, life-changing, eye-popping €170 million. Across Europe and indeed the world, players were stocking up on tickets hoping for enough luck to win a big prize in the draw, and in the event it was just one player from France who matched all the winning numbers, scooping €169 million.

Players were starting to wonder just when this jackpot would be won, and ticket sales for last night’s draw were through the roof. There were lots of big winners throughout the prize tiers, but just one jackpot winner!


Two lucky players share the UK Lotto double rollover

There was some serious rollover action in the UK last night, as a UK Lotto double rollover worth an estimated £8.8 million went up for grabs. In the event, ticket sales were high and the UK Lotto jackpot exceeded estimate, coming in at £9.3 million, and the news is that two lucky players have matched all the winning numbers, sharing the double rollover jackpot!

The lottery results rolled in last night, and players were keen to check those winning numbers. There were hundreds of thousands of small prizes, but in the top two prize tiers, it was just three big prizes won.