Powerball results, Wednesday 9th November

Over the last few days, the press have been buzzing about the big Powerball winner who has yet to come forward. Powerball news stories suggest that the player, from Connecticut may have lost their ticket. But while all this is going on, the twice-weekly Powerball draw is still taking place and the Powerball results for Wednesday 9th November are now in.

The Powerball jackpot was worth an estimated $25 million and the winning numbers are 5 – 35 – 57 – 58 – 59; Powerball 12.

Click Now!Once the results were calculated it became clear that no one has again won the Powerball jackpot and so the lottery jackpot rolls over to Saturday night when players will have a staggering $35 million to play for.

The biggest winners in last night’s Powerball drawing were two lucky players who matched just five numbers and they will each collect $200,000. In all, there were over 600,000 winners of non-jackpot prizes, collecting almost $4 million.