Mega Millions results, Tuesday 23rd October

Last night’s Mega Millions draw in the US was a single rollover, with a jackpot worth around $13 million. The $90 million Powerball is taking all the attention right now, but regular Mega Millions players will still be keen to check the results.

The Mega Millions results for Tuesday 23rd October are 1 – 17 – 42 – 46 – 55; Mega Ball 1, and news in is that the Mega Millions jackpot has rolled again!

No one matched all the winning numbers and the Mega Ball in last night’s draw and so it’s a double rollover for the Mega Millions at the weekend!

Ticket sales were not high last night, as would be expected for a $13 million jackpot, but there were still many big winners. The biggest winner came from Texas, where one player matched five main balls to pick up $250,000. Another nineteen players matched the 4+1 prize and they each collect $10,000.

All eyes of course are on tonight’s Powerball drawing, and that has a $90 million rollover up for grabs. But the Mega Millions draw next takes place on Friday evening, and that jackpot is up to $21 million!

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