Mega Millions results, Friday 14th September

The Mega Millions midweek draw brought a big winner from California, and that meant a more modest $12 million for weekend players. The Mega Millions jackpot was back to base jackpot last night, but $12 million is still a staggering amount of cash, but did anyone win?

The Mega Millions draw proved popular and the winning numbers for Friday 14th September are 16 – 17 – 21 – 40 – 51; Mega Ball 20, but no one has matched all six winning balls and so we’re back to a rolled Mega Millions jackpot.

The Mega Millions draw proved as popular as ever, and last night there were some big, big winners, despite the jackpot rolling over. Four lucky Mega Millions players matched the five main balls in the draw, missing out on only the Mega Ball and they will each collect $250,000. Match five winners come from California, Tennessee and Virginia, with Tennessee boasting two winners and topping out as the luckiest US state.

Another 27 lucky players matched four main balls and the Mega Ball and they will each collect $10,000, while there were hundreds of thousands of winners throughout all the Mega Millions prize tiers.

The jackpot itself rolled over, and that means that on Tuesday evening Mega Millions players will be looking forward to a $15 million jackpot. If any players are looking for a bigger jackpot to play for, tonight’s Powerball is a massive, rolled over $125 million, but more about that later!

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