Irish Lottery results, Wednesday 20th June

Irish LottoTonight’s Irish Lottery is the twelve consecutive draw without a winner and tonight’s lottery jackpot is heading for a massive €8.5 million. It’s the biggest draw in months and players are excited to see the results. There’s been a frenzy of ticket buying but will tonight’s Irish Lottery draw finally find a winner?

Well the midweek Irish Lottery draw has now taken place and the winning numbers are in. Tonight in the Irish Lottery numbers 15 – 31 – 35 – 38 – 40 – 45; Bonus Ball 11 were drawn. Good luck to all those checking tickets.

It’s been a long string of rollover, but will we find a winner soon? €8.5 million is big for an Irish Lottery jackpot. It may fade in comparison with some jackpots around the world, but it’s tax-free and there are great odds of winning, making it one of the most popular draws in the world.

If tonight’s Irish Lottery jackpot does not find a winner then who knows where it’s heading for the next draw. As the jackpot increases so do ticket sales as players rush out to buy tickets in the hope of being the next big winner.

Do check tonight’s lottery results carefully and we hope you have been lucky. The next Irish Lottery draw is on Saturday evening and we’ll be back with more news of that jackpot later in the week.