Irish Lottery results, Wednesday 19th September

Irish LottoIt’s midweek Lotto night in Ireland, and tonight’s Irish Lottery jackpot is a big rollover. The Irish Lottery hasn’t seen a winner for several draws, which means tonight’s jackpot is double the usual jackpot, a very generous €4 million.

The Irish Lottery draw has just taken place this evening, and tonight’s winning numbers are 2 – 21 – 24 – 32 – 36 – 40; Bonus Ball 20, but do we have a jackpot winner?

That itself is not yet known, but do check those winning numbers carefully, as if you match all six to the six balls drawn, that rollover jackpot is yours.

If you don’t match all the balls, don’t worry, there are many lower tier prizes on the Irish Lottery too, so you could see yourself walking away with as much as €25,000, without even matching the jackpot!

The next Irish Lottery draw is on Saturday night, and who knows how much that jackpot might be worth. On Friday night, Irish players also have the chance to take part in the Euromillions Lottery, and that one has a massive rollover worth around €25 million to play for!