Irish Lottery results, Saturday 8th September

Irish LottoIt’s an Irish Lottery double rollover this weekend, and a jackpot inflated by 50% to around €3 million! Do you have tickets for tonight’s draw? If so then you’ll be keen to check the winning numbers, which are now in!

The Irish Lottery is one of the most popular lottery draws in the world, and for all those hanging on for the results they are ; 08 – 12 – 23 – 24 – 28 – 41 Bonus Ball 29.

Good luck everyone. On Wednesday evening the Irish Lottery rollover rolled again, but over 29,000 players walked away with a prize from the main draw alone.

The last Irish Lottery rollover reached €8.5 million, and it been a pretty exciting year for lottery jackpots and rollovers from the Irish Lottery in what is its 25th anniversary year. Who knows where this jackpot will roll to before a winner is found!

Next up for Irish players is the Monday Million draw in a couple of days, and then the Euromillions on Tuesday and the next Irish Lottery draw next Wednesday evening. Whichever of the draws you’re playing in, we hope you’re lucky!