Irish Lottery results, Saturday 16th March 2013

Irish Lotto

The Wednesday night Irish Lottery results had a €3,016,645 up for grabs and grab it one player did. A lucky ticket holder from the South East scooped the rollover jackpot to win the life changing top prize. This means that tonight’s Irish Lottery jackpot has a €2 million jackpot to play for. It may be ‘just €2 million’ but that would be a big enough pay packet for most of us.

The Irish Lottery numbers for Saturday 16th March 2013 are: 03 – 11 – 22 – 28 – 35 – 37: Bonus 27.


Midweek lottery results from the UK, 27th February 2013

UK Lotto tickets

Tonight there were over £2.5 million worth of lottery jackpots to play for across the UK, with nearly £2 million up for grabs in the UK Lotto draw, £500,000 to play for in the Thunderball Lottery draw and a £100,000 top prize in the Health Lottery.

If you bought tickets for any of these draws, I expect you’re looking for those all important numbers. Why else would you be on this page? So, without further ado, the midweek lottery results from the UK for Wednesday 27th February 2013 are as follows:

Thunderball: 02 – 08 – 25 – 29 – 31 Thunderball 13
UK Lotto: 02 – 14 – 20 – 23 – 24 – 30 Bonus Ball 22
Health Lottery: 08 – 11 – 12 – 18 – 29


Euromillions Lottery results, Tuesday 29th January

Euromillions notesOn Friday night a lucky ticket holder from France walked away with the £37 million Euromillions jackpot, which had rolled over for the previous four draws. There was also just one second tier prize winner who matched five main balls plus one lucky star to win £1,449,550 – one of the biggest second tier prizes seen for a long while in the Pan-European lottery draw.

Back to tonight. If you bought tickets for the draw, we have some numbers which may be of interest to you. The Euromillions Lottery results for Tuesday 29th January are: 09 – 16 – 26 – 36 – 39: Lucky Stars 2 – 6.


Changes this autumn for the UK Lotto Draw

UK Lotto ticketsIn recent weeks it has emerged that that there are to be some changes this autumn for the UK Lotto draw, with amendments being made to the ticket prices and prize payouts but NOT to the rules. You will still choose six numbers from a possible 49 and you will still need to match six, five + bonus, five, four, three numbers to win a prize but the cost of buying a single line UK Lotto ticket will rise from £1 to £2. A 100% price increase may seem a little steep to you, as it did to us at first but wait until you hear what’s on offer for your addition quid investment.

First up, the prize payout changes to the Lotto draw. For the bottom two prize tiers, the value of those prizes will increase, as will the Lotto jackpots. However, the prizes for matching five lottery numbers or five plus the bonus ball will be reduced. Instead of winning approximately £100,000 for matching five main lottery numbers plus the bonus ball, the new prize is approximately £50,000. Likewise, the average prize for matching five lottery numbers without the bonus ball is falling from £1,500 to £1,000.


Midweek Lottery results from the UK, 16th January 2013

UK Lotto ticketsIt’s Wednesday night so it’s time for the Lotto, Thunderball and Health Lottery results. The Lotto draw has a £2.2 million jackpot to play for, while the Thunderball Lottery has a half a million pound jackpot and the Health Lottery has a £100,000 top prize to win.

Here are those lucky winning lottery numbers for tonight’s UK draws.

Thunderball: 2 – 17 – 27 – 31 – 32 Thunderball 8

UK Lotto: 5 – 12 – 13 – 35 – 38 – 47 Bonus 45

Health Lottery: 1 – 12 – 31 – 40 – 47