Record Rollover EuroJackpot goes to Finland

Lotto ballsOn Friday night the record books were rewritten for the EuroJackpot Lottery and also for Finland. ‘Why Finland?’ I hear you say. Because the €29.5 million multi-rollover jackpot was finally won by a player from Seinäjoki, a city in South-West Finland, and then two days later a lucky online slots player, also from Finland, won the world’s biggest ever progressive jackpot as well. Not a bad day all round for the Fins.

News about the lucky EuroJackpot winner is still quite guarded but be assured that we will bring you details about the fortunate ticket holder and their multi-million euro haul of bounty. Until then, you can buy tickets for this Friday’s EuroJackpot draw, which has a €10 million starting value again, and maybe we’ll be writing about you by the start of next week!


Saturday night lottery results from the UK, 22nd December

UK Lotto ticketsSo, with Christmas out of the way and the New Year just around the corner, it’s time for the end of year lottery draws from around the UK. If you have bought tickets for the UK Lotto, Thunderball or Health Lottery draws, we have the lucky numbers that you have been waiting for.

The Thunderball draw has its usual £500,000 jackpot to play for and the Health Lottery has its regular £100,000 jackpot up for grabs but the UK Lotto draw has a £4 million rollover jackpot to play for. So, without further ado, it’s time to check those lottery results.


Two players share the UK Lotto rollover

Rollovers aren’t that common on the National Lottery so the news that we have had three Wednesday rollovers in a row is a little surprising. However, that is how it has all worked out and last night’s jackpot reached a massive £7.1 million, exceeding estimate and the news in is that two players share the UK Lotto jackpot!

Each of the winning UK Lotto jackpot winners will collect a very generous £3.5 million and they weren’t the only big winners in the draw that saw over £15 million paid out in prizes.


Four players share $111 million Oz Lotto jackpot

All week we’ve been excited about the Oz Lotto rollover, estimated to be worth $100 million for the Tuesday draw. Now the results have been announced, and we know that the jackpot exceeded estimate by $11 million thanks to a rush of ticket sales, and those ticket sales paid off too as four lucky players share the $111 million Oz Lotto jackpot!

The winning numbers for the Tuesday night draw were 2 – 7 – 8 – 13 – 15 – 29 – 43, the supplementary numbers were 20 – 21, and four lucky players shared the jackpot, netting around $28 million each!


Five players shared the quadruple UK Lotto rollover

Last weekend, the first ever UK Lotto quadruple rollover took place in the UK, and it was estimated to be worth almost £20 million. When the draw took place on Saturday night, the jackpot was announced at £19.5 million, and now we can confirm that five players matched all six winning numbers, sharing the big pot.

It meant that five millionaires were created in the UK on Saturday night, in what turned out to be a very lucky evening for players indeed.


Australian lotteries making all the news this week

There have been three big draws up in Australia this week and what an eventful week it has been. Earlier in the week the Oz Lotto rolled over, and that will be worth a staggering $13 million next Tuesday, sure to draw in the lottery players, but then on Thursday there was also an Oz Powerball rollover up for grabs, and that rolled to a staggering $30 million!

Those big rollovers left players wondering what would happen to the $22 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw, would that also roll? As it happened, that did quite the opposite, fourteen players matched all the winning numbers, netting $1.5 million each, talk about sharing the wealth!