US Powerball Lotto players chasing $400 million

Powerball Lottery There were some big US Powerball Lotto winners at the weekend including several new millionaires, but no one has won the big jackpot and that means it’s rolled again, this time to $400 million for the midweek draw!

While it’s not the biggest jackpot ever seen, it’s almost guaranteed to create a frenzy of play across the US and from online players around the world. The Powerball currently holds the world’s biggest lottery jackpot, and as such it’s world news!


Big Saturday night lottery jackpots

Big Lottery JackpotsIt’s the weekend and that can only mean one thing…lotteries! Saturday night is the home of lottery draws, with balls being drawn from the UK to Australia and just about everywhere in between. There are a number of big Saturday night lottery jackpots that are up for grabs tonight, including the massive $70 million US Powerball Lotto jackpot and the €22.9 million SuperEnalotto jackpot.

Unusually, the Canada 6/49 Lotto draw boasts one of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots, standing at a huge CAN$55 million. This is ahead of the EuroMillions, EuroJackpot and the Oz Powerball, just behind the two US multi-state lottery draws – Powerball ($70 million) and Mega Millions ($74 million).


Midweek lottery results from the UK, 27th March 2013

UK Lotto tickets

Tonight, there were no rollover lottery jackpots to play for in the UK, as the Lotto was won on Saturday and the Thunderball and Health Lottery jackpots don’t rollover! However, there was still plenty of cash to be won for anybody who bought tickets and picked the right numbers. If you have tickets for tonight’s Lotto, Thunderball or Health Lottery draws, read on, as we have the numbers you need.

The midweek lottery results from the UK for Wednesday 27th March 2013 are as follows:

Thunderball: 09 – 10 – 17 – 31 – 39 Thunderball 05
UK Lotto: 08 – 10 – 22 – 24 – 37 – 44 Bonus Ball 02
Health Lottery: 01 – 04 – 28 – 34 – 36


Euromillions Lottery results, Tuesday 26th March 2013

Euromillions notes

On Friday night the Euromillions Lottery draw had a whopping £85 million SuperDraw jackpot to play for, which was one of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots at the time. Since then, the US Powerball Lotto jackpot has been won and the Euromillions jackpot rolled over. This means that, not only are we looking at the biggest Euromillions jackpot of the year but tonight’s £94 million rollover jackpot is the biggest lottery jackpot in the world right now!

If you have tickets for the draw, get them out and check off the following numbers, as you could be the next big Euromillions winner. The Euromillions Lottery results for Tuesday 26th March 2013 are as follows:

04 – 26 – 30 – 42 – 44 Lucky Stars 06 – 11


Saturday night lottery results from the UK, 23rd March 2013

UK Lotto tickets

Tonight, we have no rollovers to talk about from here in Ol’ Blighty but we do have three popular lottery draws and those lucky numbers from said draws. The UK Lotto draw has a £3.8 million jackpot to play for, the Thunderball has £500,000 up for grabs and the Health Lottery has its usual £100,000 to play for. Here are the numbers you need to see if you’re a winner.

The Saturday night lottery results from the UK are as follows:

Thunderball: 07 – 13 – 18 – 28 – 33 Thunderball 03
UK Lotto: 03 – 14 – 16 – 19 – 37 – 44 Bonus 31
Health Lottery: 13 – 19 – 22 – 34 – 46