€8,000,000 Irish Lotto Jackpot Won

Irish LotteryOn Wednesday night, after weeks and weeks of rollover draws, the Irish Lotto jackpot was finally won. It had been nearly two months since the Irish Lotto results produced a jackpot winner, which is how the jackpot had managed to climb quite so high.

Wednesday night’s Irish Lotto jackpot winner was from the Mid-West of Ireland, which makes a change from Dublin. The lucky ticket holder took home a massive €8,302,204, which is stark contrast to the previous jackpot winners. On 18th January, SIX ticket holders shared the €3,528,865 multi-rollover jackpot, each taking home just €588,144.


When EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot rolls

EuroMillions LotteryThe media is in a frenzy about Friday’s EuroMillions Lottery SuperDraw and the guaranteed €100 million jackpot on offer, but past SuperDraws have shown that the jackpot isn’t always won, in fact in more than half of the past EuroMillions SuperDraws, there has been a rollover.

With the EuroMillions cap at €190 million, a SuperDraw rollover can quickly escalate to the jackpot limit in just a few rollovers because when SuperDraw jackpots roll, they grow quickly and lottery fever tends to take hold.


US Powerball Lotto Boasts a $284,000,000 Jackpot

Powerball LotteryOnce again, the giant US Powerball Lotto boasts the biggest lottery jackpot in the world, standing at a mighty $284,000,000 ($162,700,000 cash value) going into the midweek draw. This is over double the size of the world’s second biggest lottery jackpot – US Mega Millions – which currently stands at $139,000,000 ($76,000,000 cash value) for Friday night’s draw.

The last time that any Powerball Lotto players got their hands on the jackpot was on Christmas Day, when one solitary ticket holder from Missouri bagged the $71,500,000 rollover jackpot, making 2013 a Christmas to remember for one household in particular.


Homeless man wins lottery but doesn’t want home

US LotteryA vagrant from Indiana has scooped $50,000 on a lottery scratch card but says he has no intention of giving up his tent. Dennis Mahurin has been homeless since around 1978, living in his tent, now he has scooped a $50,000 scratch card win, worth around $35,000 after taxes. He says he’ll buy a new home, his tent is shabby and he wants to replace it, but he has no intention of changing his life for a more conventional one.

Mr Mahurin says he’s ‘as happy as he can be in his nature’ and has no intention of moving up in the world, he’s quite happy living in his tent, even with $35,000 in his pocket.


Irish Lottery results, Saturday 23rd March 2013

Irish Lotto

If you bought tickets for tonight’s Irish Lottery rollover jackpot draw then we have some important lottery information for you. The six lucky numbers (and the bonus ball) that were selected during tonight’s draw are posted below so you can see if you’ve won the €3 million rollover jackpot that was on offer tonight.

Grab your tickets and carefully compare your numbers to the ones below. Oh, and good luck. The Irish Lottery numbers for Saturday 23rd March 2013 are: 07 – 12 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 33: Bonus 13.